Thursday, 1 August 2013

A bag perhaps?

I've been on the hunt for a new bag for a while now... looking, looking, looking.  Taking my time to be particular (whilst waiting to take advantage of sale season too!).  When I buy something I want it to last, so I'm going to have to LURVE it enough to hold onto it for a while too.  Funny, it's the same with shoes too; if I'm spending up, then I want them to last and stay in rotation in my wardrobe for a while... not fussy, stylish, wear anywhere items - that's what I want.

I'm not into lots of hardware and not really a massive fan of an obvious label stamped on the side; I don't think a neat little ladylike handbag suits my needs; a daytime clutch... oversized, supple and soft - perhaps; or a just large enough tote to fit everything in.

And although my current bag was definitely an investment piece purchased during a sale many years ago, it's just become a bit too scruffy underneath and I think I need something bigger.  The leather and details have lasted and lasted through the rigour of daily commutes, a few holidays, numerous weekend outings and everything in between.  Givenchy make a good bag (and a subtly stitched logo which I like!)

So I'm still looking; I think my preference is going to be for a tote - an interesting detail here or there, perhaps a bold, strong shape or a tiny bit of colour in the lining.

Wish me luck...Do you have a favourite bag in your life?

In the meantime, I'm going to caress and look after my current bag every day until I say adieu...

This is the most beautiful perfectly coloured bag - I saw it
in the city a few months ago - I just fell in love with it - sigh!

A simple shape with a wow colour - I'd stick with black or neutral I think - but I like the simplicity - and of course
it is Givenchy

A classic roomy shape with a monochrome palette to suit all occasions

I love the simplicity here.

Beautifully soft, supple leather and interesting shape

1, Pinterest
2, Givenchy
3, Jerome Dreyfuss
3, Alexander Wang
4, Martine Sitbon

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Audrey said...

Hi Helen, ah..was also thinking about this! love your choices xx.

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